My Experience

My Experience

Worked for Lane4, a top 10 leadership consultancy

With 10 years facilitation experience and over 1,000 coaching hours delivered

Coached leaders at all stages of growth

From MD’s of 10 person firms to senior leaders in top 50 UK PLC’s

Skilled in Virtual Facilitation

And trained in a range of insight tools (Personality, Organisational Constellations, self-inquiry, CBT and mindfulness)

Commercial Focus

From earlier career as chartered accountant at Deloitte, Finance Director at a music company and SME financial advisory 

My Journey

I started my career at Deloitte, qualifying as a chartered accountant and then serving SMEs as a finance director and adviser. Whilst I could handle work intellectually, emotionally I was stressed, unfocused and, as several bits of feedback told me, neither a good team player nor manager! I thought I could, or should, be able to find answers on my own, but that simply didn’t happen.

I needed support. Once I sought coaching, it had a profound professional and personal impact. It helped me understand at a deep level my leadership style, behaviour and effect on others.

Since then I have invested hugely in coaching, spending hundreds of hours on coaching qualifications and development programmes to hone my skills. This has transformed how I manage myself, engage and motivate others and handle what I used to see as ‘challenging’ situations.

It gives me great joy to help others do likewise.  I have helped people reclaim their work-life balance; transform working relationships; revitalise how they motivate their people; and bring enjoyment back to their working lives.

The world right now needs people who lead with humility, build purposeful businesses and innovate to serve society’s needs. Work with me and I will help you be the very best ‘modern leader’ that you can.

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