Who do I
work with?

Who I
work with

Helping SME leaders in the Thames Valley

Clients have included founders and co-founders, family businesses, VC-backed firms and partnerships. Their roles include MDs, directors, heads of department and first-time managers. On a team level, I have worked with boards, project teams and departments.

Having coached all sizes of company, I see that SME leaders are the greatest beneficiaries of coaching and leadership development. These leaders typically have more fluid roles than their counterparts in larger corporations, yet often receive little or no formal development to equip them to thrive in those roles. Fortunately, SME leaders face far less cultural impositions and so have more scope to shift and play with their leadership approach.

I aim to work with businesses who value:


In particular the gender and racial equality movements needed to produce a fairer and more productive workplace for all

Mental Health

Much progress has been made but businesses and people can still be better in how mental health is understood and managed


Business has to serve and improve society, not simply profit from it

Case Studies

Better Board Dynamics

Modern Leader Elements: Challenger, Self-Manager

An MD found themself in constant disputes with their co-founder and HRD that were leaving their workforce confused and fragmented.

We explored their emotional reactions, found new perspectives and role-played how to have the conversations in a different manner.

This helped them work more collaboratively, reduced personal stress and increased the quality of leadership their people were receiving.

Getting the Work-Life Balance Back

Modern Leader Elements: Creator, Self-Manager, Coach

A Sales Director was overworked, struggling to delegate and felt like they were constantly ‘firefighting’.

Together we looked at their team makeup, restructured team responsibilities, examined how to challenge underperformers and identified opportunities for increased delegation.

Our work gave them more time for strategic thinking, gave their people more responsibility and most importantly allowed them to stop working Saturdays and evenings!

Making My Voice Heard

Modern Leader Elements: Challenger, Communicator

An HR Director was struggling to make impact or play their role in board meetings and direction of the business.

We worked on their feedback skills, ability to challenge others and sense of self-belief.

Fellow board members noticed their increased influence and contribution, whilst the HRD reported how much more valued they felt to the team and business.

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